Frequently Asked Questions

Police Reports

What reports are available to the public ?

Numerous reports kept by the department are available as copies to the public. These include Criminal Incident Reports, Motor Vehicle Accident Reports, and Motor Vehicle Accident photographs (where applicable). Report copies can be requested by the complainant, driver, or other involved party. Note: Report copies given to the public will not include suspect, or arrested person information. Reports regarding open, or ongoing investigations will not be released.


How do I obtain a report copy ?

* All requests for copies of Police reports must be made at least 3 business days after the report is filed *

Report copies can be requested in person at the Records Division between 1200 noon - 4:30 PM. Copy fees must be paid at time of request, Cash, Check, Money Orders Accepted.

Copies can also be requested by mail directed to the following address. When writing, please include your name, address, phone number, date of birth, date of incident, and type of report requested. Fees as indicated in the next section must be included with the request. Checks, or money orders accepted, please do not mail cash.

    Utica Police Department
    Attn: Records Division
    413 Oriskany St. West
    Utica, NY 13502
Are There Fees for Report Copies ? 

Yes.  Report Copies are $.25 per page.

Motor Vehicle Accident Photograph reprints $2.00 per photo.



Questions regarding fingerprinting can be directed to Crime Scene Unit  at (315) 223-3571.



How do I become a Utica Police Officer ?

The Utica Police Department appoints sworn members from a list of successful candidates determined by a competitive civil service exam. In addition to passing the civil service entrance test, candidates must complete a physical agility test, medical exam, background check and interview process.


When is the next exam ?

Entrance exams are scheduled as needed, based on available openings, and existing active civil service lists.

To find out the date of the next scheduled exam, and for a complete list of qualifications for the Police Officer position, contact:

Utica City Civil Service Office (315) 792 - 0225


Parking Tickets

How long do I have to pay my ticket ?

Parking citations must be paid within 3 business days after the day they are issued.  Fines paid by mail must be postmarked within 3 business days after the date of issuance.


What if I don't pay my ticket on time ?

Unpaid parking fines will result in the vehicle registration being suspended, and unable to be renewed until the fine is satisfied.  Excessively overdue fines will result in an arrest warrant being issued for the vehicle registrant.


What if I want to contest the ticket ?

Persons who wish to contest parking tickets may request a court appearance date by presenting the ticket at the Parking Violations Bureau during business hours.  If the request for a court appearance is made within 3 business days after the ticket issuance, the fine will not be subject to doubling.  Appearing in court is the only method to contest a parking summons.  Parking Violations Bureau officers can not reduce or excuse tickets for any reason.


I received an overdue fine notice, what does it mean ?

Notices of overdue fines are regularly sent, and indicate that a parking fine has not been paid.  In order to prevent a suspended registration, or a warrant of arrest, overdue fines must be paid immediately. 

Notices which state that a warrant has already been issued must be satisfied in person at the Parking Violations Bureau during business hours.  Failure to answer this summons will result in your arrest.




What is a Snow Emergency ?

A snow emergency is an emergency event declared by the City of Utica in response to a large snowfall, or a large impending storm.  By declaring an emergency, restrictive rules on parking and driving on City streets are put in place to allow public works and emergency crews unobstructed access to streets.


How do I know a Snow Emergency Has Been Declared ?

Information regarding snow emergencies is provided to all local major media, including radio, television and newspaper.  Tune in to a local news channel for up to date information regarding the starting and ending times of a snow emergency.  In addition, there are blue snow emergency lights positioned at numerous strategic intersections throughout the city.  If a snow emergency is declared, these lights are illuminated and will flash for the duration of the emergency.


What are the Snow Emergency rules?

During a snow emergency, no vehicle may be parked on a city street for any length of time.  Vehicles that are not removed from the roadways will be towed at the owner's expense.  In addition, resident's are cautioned to limit travel on city streets to only that which is absolutely necessary.  The declaration of a snow emergency indicates that very dangerous driving conditions may exist.  Motorists should use extreme caution when traveling.